Personnel transport truck hits two vehicles in Torreón

A personnel transport truck collided with two vehicles that were at a momentary stop in front of the facilities of the La Joya Military Camp in the city of Torreón.

The events were recorded minutes after 7:00 am on Monday morning on Torreón Matamoros Boulevard, in the east-west traffic lanes.

The vehicle identified as responsible is a 2018 model white Mercedes Benz tractor-trailer from the transport company “La Pequena”, whose operator identified himself as Miguel Ángel, 49 years old.

The unit was traveling on the aforementioned road when it hit a 2016 red Chevrolet Spark from a local taxi base.

This vehicle in turn projected forward and collided in the rear with a Volkswagen Jetta, gray, 2017 model,

In total four people were injured after the events, they are the drivers of the affected vehicles and their companions.

Elements of the Municipal Traffic and Roads Directorate were in charge of protecting the area to avoid another road mishap.

The personnel of the Department of Experts of the Municipal Court of Justice, took knowledge of the facts.

The bus carried 24 people, who were taken to the company where they work in another unit. The case was referred to the competent authority and the vehicles involved were deposited in a city corral for their protection.

The facts

To detail:

* The accident occurred around 7:00 in the morning on the Torreón-Matamoros boulevard, in front of the military camp facilities.

* A passenger bus crashed into two vehicles at a momentary stop waiting for the green light at the traffic light.

* Four people were injured in the events.

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