Perfect silhouette: Ninel Conde conquered everyone at 45 years old

Ninel Conde He was this week in the focus of the entertainment media for his possible reconciliation with his son, who he has not seen for almost two years. Apparently the 45-year-old Mexican actress had asked her ex Giovanni Medina to conciliate for Emmanuel’s sake in early November.

“I could not. I saw it for a second in the video calls but they also took my video calls away so I am quite sad about that but hey, it will be tried “, he said a while ago Ninel for the program Sale el Sol.

A few hours ago, Ninel Conde shared several photos on his official account Instagram that conquered a large part of its millions of followers from around the world. In them you can see the Latina displaying all her beauty before the camera at different times and places. The singer wore different outfits. The Latin brunette showed her stunning curves with most of her looks.

“My time to give thanks has come. I thank God and life for the paths that I have traveled, and for the person they have made me. Also for all that I have achieved this year, and throughout my life. Even for the dreams I’m about to achieve. I am very grateful for what I have built, for what awaits me, and because you are accompanying me throughout the process. I give thanks for my life, and for having you in it ”was the simple and extensive text that he chose Conde epigraph to accompany his recent snapshots in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Ninel Conde

As expected, this post, whose main protagonist is Juan Zepeda’s ex-wife, was quickly filled with likes, easily overcoming the 5,000-heart barrier. In addition, the Latin artist received hundreds of messages of affection and praise for her chosen outfit and her splendid physical figure, from her most loyal followers.

Source: Instagram Ninel Conde


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