Perfect figure: Karol G’s sister taught why she is one of the most beautiful women

Katherin Giraldo, half sister of Karol G, continues to be very active on virtual platforms demonstrating its delicate beauty. The Colombian was in the last weeks in the focus of the entertainment sites after her engagement announcement with her partner Juan Pablo Agudelo Velásquez, after a few years in courtship.

Meanwhile, Maluma appeared this week at the Met Gala 2021 and his clothing was compared to what he usually wears Karol G in their music videos. The red cowboy look was reminiscent of the one used in the past by the “Bichota”.

In the last hours, Katherin Giraldo He published four photographs on his official Instagram account that fell in love with a large number of his thousands of followers. In it you can see the 28-year-old girl displaying all her beauty before the camera. The content creator and beauty entrepreneur wore a yellow linen slip. The Latina complemented her look with her loose hair, golden accessories and straightening and a delicate make up.

“How is the yellow one? Los Leo ”was the simple and fresh text he chose Giraldo epigraph to accompany his recent snapshots in the popular network of the camera.

Source: Instagram Katherin Giraldo

As expected, this post that has as its main protagonist the sister of Karol G He quickly received a large number of likes, easily surpassing the barrier of 3,300 hearts. In addition, the influencer received hundreds of comments of praise and affection towards her look and her splendid physical figure, from her most loyal followers.

Source: Instagram Katherin Giraldo
Source: Instagram Katherin Giraldo


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