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And he did it just when President Iván Duque, also from the Democratic Center, participated in the commemoration of the five years of the agreement and has highlighted the importance of that process.

“The important thing is to focus on what peace is legally. We have shared all these advances and as the Secretary General of the United Nations has said, here is a peace with evolving legality, with a territorial presence and above all closing social gaps in deep Colombia, ”Duque said without mentioning the chief. of your party.

Former President Uribe stressed that what happened with the FARC “terrorists” “simply fractured the national legislation” while Duque exalted that the vast majority of ex-combatants are committed to the process and that they have changed their lives and now they are in the legality.

Thus, for example, he claimed that there are more than 3,000 individual productive projects advancing and that PDET works are also advancing in more than 11,000 trails and all this was agreed in the agreement.

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“We are pleased that we have more than 2,500 PDET works in 170 municipalities that are home to about 7 million Colombians in 11,000 villages. We are pleased that we have extended the Victims Law for 10 years, we continue to mark historical milestones in collective and individual reparation and that we have the regulation of the 16 seats so that victims also have the possibility of playing a leading role in the construction of policies public ”, said the president.

In the implementation of the peace agreement and naturally in democracy we consider that everyone has the right to express their opinions ”.

In addition, although Uribe also questioned the disposition of the ex-combatants and highlighted Duque’s work, the president stressed that this population she is engaged reliably complying with what was signed during the government of his predecessor, the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Juan Manuel Santos Calderón.

For his part, the UN secretary said that “in the implementation of the peace agreement and naturally in democracy we consider that everyone has the right to express their opinions ”.

In addition to this different reading of the facts, there were gestures hitherto unpublished. One of them, the handshake between Duque and former President Juan Manuel Santos, with whom he maintained deep differences.

This is the first meet between the two politicians since Duque took office as president of Colombia on August 7, 2018.

“The peace train that so many have wanted to derail or stop is continuing its course, continues to advance,” said former President Santos during this event backed by the Comprehensive System for Peace, which in addition to the JEP, brings together the Commission of the Truth and the Search Unit for Missing Persons.

“I have to admit that, thank God, the president Duke rode on the peace train, as we have seen with great satisfaction lately, “declared Santos.

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