PC RAM prices may drop in the coming months

Price correction is due to low memory demand in the last quarter

According to Dr. Pei-Ing Lee, president from Nanya Technology Corporation, because drop in demand for DRAM memories and products that depend on these modules not last trimester, you prices for the coming months should fall as format of correction of values inflated since the beginning of the electronic components crisis and boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ad came last week as part of the investor report for the third quarter results. The drop in demand, however, it is not due to stabilizing stocks, but just by the production crisis in other stages of the production chain of devices from different segments.

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You low stocks of primary products in the composition of setups like motherboards, processors and video cards, end up resulting in less search for items like memories and storage devices, especially considering that these items tend to have a much longer lifespan, generally being maintained even in some upgrades.

Despite this, the Nanya told investors that demand for NAND modules is within expectations for the production of consumer items, but that the significant drop occurred in the segments of digital TVs, specifically Chromebooks, and mostly electric vehicles.

Credits: Nanya Technology Corporation

With that, it will be necessary a price adjustment on items that use NAND memories in general, representing excellent news, at least temporarily, for those who are after partial upgrades on your desktops, or even laptops, since the new generation of DDR5 memories more guys should arrive, giving a surviving systems that still use the current format.

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Nanya also claimed to be preparing for production of DDR5 modules, but unlike most manufacturers in the segment that will focus on 16Gbit chips, company intends to give priority to 8Gbit chips. Due in large part to the increased consumption of electronic products during the pandemic, despite the drop in demand for some items in its portfolio, Nanya still presented a revenue growth of 5% from one quarter to the next, and 55.6% from last year to now.


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