PC 48 years after the coup: “Chile does not deserve to be treated that way”

A 48 years of the coup d’état of September 11, 1973, which ended with the Popular Unity government headed by Salvador Allende, the Communist Party (PC), carried out the traditional pilgrimage and tribute to the late president at the monument located in the Plaza de la Constitución, in front of La Moneda.

On the occasion, the president of the PC, William Teillier He emphasized that the new Constitution must state that situations like this must not be repeated.

“We believe that now with the Constitutional Convention, with a new Constitution, it will perhaps be possible to advance much more in these matters and leave it embodied in the Constitution that the Constitution cannot be skipped, no matter how many Armed Forces they are, or no matter how many powers. factual, because Chile does not deserve that the people of Chile be treated in that way, with a coup like the one that occurred“, Said the president of the PC 48 years after the Military Coup.

Guillermo Teillier added that after 48 years, “we cannot say that there has been no justice“, But that this has been insufficient because there are still people who do not know what happened to their families and detainees who disappeared during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

There are more than a thousand disappeared detainees of whom nothing is known, there are many cases that are not closed, there are several culprits who are in Punta Peuco, But the dictator who, in addition to committing the crimes he committed, stole enormous amounts of money from the country, was not tried and became, thanks to the agreements, a designated senator and continued to be head of the Army, it was a complex and difficult pact of this democracy that it is still in transition ”, reflected the president of the PC.

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