Patria y Vida: This was Yotuel’s concert at the Winzik Center in Madrid

The Cuban singer Yotuel romero stood up to the entire capacity of the Winzik Center of Madrid with the theme Homeland and Life‘, which was chanted by dozens of attendees at the concert, organized to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Day in Spain.

Cubans attending the event shared on their social networks the moment when the singer performed the song, with two nominations for the Latin Grammy 2021, accompanied by its musicians and the public who filled the venue with Cuban flags and giant banners with the phrases ‘Patria y Vida’ and ‘Viva Cuba Libre’.

Users shared the most exciting moment of the concert with the song Patria y Vida

“Yotuel raises the WiZink Center in Madrid with Patria y Vida on Hispanic Heritage Day, a theater full of all nationalities and Viva Cuba Libre sounding as an anthem in the voice of thousands of spectators in solidarity with our people,” says the publication of the video shared by the user who identifies himself as Lázaro Mireles, when the former member of Orishas sings the song.

At the end of the video, Yotuel is heard thanking Madrid for the welcome and remembering that “his people still live under a dictatorship.”

Other users shared several moments of the Cuban singer’s concert where attendees continued to wave Cuban flags, chanting his songs and shouting expressions such as ‘Viva Cuba Libre’ and ‘Down with the Dictatorship’.

There are also several images of what happened before the concert began outside the WiZink Center, where the Cubans displayed their banners, flags and chanted the chorus ‘Patria y Vida’.

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