Patagones: "It is the beginning of a new path", they say in the FdT after the defeat

“Beyond these first results, for our space it is the beginning of something absolutely new, a new path that we are beginning with great optimism for November,” said Nicolás García, a reference for the Frente de Todos in Patagones and the first candidate for councilor for this force, after the results in yesterday’s STEP.

Beyond assessing the support of the entire district, he indicated that “that is why we are going to go out and summon those who did not vote for us” in this first instance, as well as those who “did not know the full power of the list” and those who voted blank .

“We are going to walk the game again to publicize the proposal in greater depth,” he said.

One color for the entire Sixth Section

García thanked “the support of the inhabitants of all corners of our extensive Patagones party, who came to the polls and reaffirmed their commitment to democracy and to the reality that we live in and that we want to improve.”

In this regard, he argued that the FdT made “a very good choice”, with numbers much better than the provincial averages and with great potential for the November scenario, “on the basis of knowing that the local government did not manage to sustain the numbers of the last vote “.

“We knew that we were facing a very difficult outlook, in a context highly rarefied by the pandemic and by situations that distance politics from the people,” said the leader.

García, with his father, waiting to vote.

For this reason, he added, the November generals would be the starting point and those who did not go to vote and those who did not get to know what they propose for Patagones will be convened in November.

“We know that it will not be easy but we have the will, the honesty, the epic and the militancy necessary to turn this election around. With humility and work we are going to undertake that path,” Garcia concluded.

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