Passion of hawks: Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown revealed what they expect for this new season

In 2021 the 6 leading actors of the main love stories confirmed their presence in what will be the great return of Sparrowhawks Passion 2 which will be broadcast on the chain Telemundo and since then there is great expectation from the public but also from the cast. so is the case Natasha Klauss Y Michel Brown who played Sarah Elizondo Y Franco Reyes in the original delivery of the cycle. In an interview with the magazine People in spanish They have recently stated that they are going through this process with great happiness and enjoying every moment to the fullest.

The original starring cast reunited.
Source: Instagram Michel Brown

It was in 2003 when the Colombian telenovela conquered the hearts of Latinos with love stories in Passion of Hawks. One of the most beloved couples was the one played by Natasha Klauss Y Michel Brown in the first installment; which ended in a beautiful wedding where they consecrated their love. Today 18 years later, the original production of the novel decided to return with everything! The first cast has been called and luckily at least the main leads will be in the strip and this is a joy for all its fans as the story will really have a sense of genuine continuity, like life itself!

In a recent interview with the magazine People en Espanol, Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown were consulted about their sensations and experiences of working together again, the interpreter of Franco Reyes He commented: “We both feel very comfortable as actors when it comes to being on the set because we know each other as actors and because we know how the couple worked, so we are very happy”, and added “We both really enjoyed working together. Born She is a great actress, very committed and I love her very much”.

Although at first Michel Brown was not going to be in the second installment because he was in another project, the truth is that the Argentine actor confessed that after the commitment he was working on was cancelled, he read the script for Sparrowhawks Passion 2 and was delighted; the way in which this new filming was being faced, the great deployment that was taking place motivated him to permanently join the cast. “For times I couldn’t (be in the project). In the end, the project I had fell through and I could do this special participation that in the end was prolonged and we can work on the series for longer and give the character more development. the truth when Telemundo He also showed me the story and I started to see what they were recording and the way they are shooting it made me want to participate and thank God we were on time,” the actor said in the interview.

Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown
??????Source: Instagram Natasha Klauss

The expectations on the part of the public for the return to the small screen of this beloved story are very high and the actors also have their illusions and desires regarding how their endearing characters will be received and they told details of how the continuation of their story of love. “It will be a completely different love story than what they are used to seeing.” “We are not going to get a typical story, quite the opposite,” he said. Brown. It is also known that in the second between Passion of Hawks, the couple of Sarita and Juan Reyes They are already parents of some beautiful teenagers, so they will live stories that involve them in the conflicts that they will have to face within the family dynamics. For this Natasha commented: “You are going to see a very beautiful family, very real, very organic, very much from life with its differences,” said the interpreter of sarita elizondo.

Sarita Elizondo and Franco Resyes with their children. Source: Instagram Natasha Klauss


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