Passengers spank and kick two public transport robbers

STATE OF MEXICO.- Users of a public transport unit they lynched two suspected thieves who tried to strip them of their belongings the last weekend.

A video captured the events that occurred in the Mexico-Texcoco federal highway and it is observed that several passengers kick and punch two subjects lying on the ground trying not to be attacked.

In the images you can see elements of the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico that they try to protect the two defendants of the rage of the users, but They don’t get it because the kicking and punching continues.

They kick and ‘spank’ assailants in front of police

“Hit it, hit it, hit it!”, encourages one of the passengers to another of his companions while kicking and punching one of the alleged criminals which is held by a young man, who later throws it to the ground.

According to netizens, it was the night of the previous Saturday when users unleashed their ire against the two thieves that they would have gone up to a concessioned unit to take away their valuables, but they subdued them, lowered them from the vehicle and punished them themselves.

While other vehicles circulated on the road that communicates to municipalities in the eastern Valley of Mexico With the capital of the country, the passengers did not give up in their attempt to do justice by their own hand.

Policemen dragged beaten robbers

To try to protect him, one of the members of the Mexican corporation drags on the asphalt layer one of those implicated in the robbery, but the enraged users catch up with him and attack him again. One hits him with his fist and three others kick him.

“A spanking, spanking!”one of the witnesses is heard shouting, while the others strip him from the waist down and beat him again.

The Secretariat of Public Security of the State of Mexico reported that the two lynched subjects were presented before the agent of the Public Ministry where an investigation of the facts was initiated.

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