PASO 2021: "What most worries people is the lack of work"said Vidal

María Eugenia Vidal, winner of PASO 2021 in the City of Buenos Aires, said that Together for Change “will better defend its values ​​and convictions” in the face of the general legislative elections of November 14.

The former Buenos Aires governor, who for these primaries moved to the Buenos Aires territory, was the winner in the internal of her space with 574,865 votes, according to the provisional count. That meant taking 32% of the votes of the general register and 68% of the votes of his group, easily surpassing his opponents Ricardo López Murphy and Adolfo Rubinsten.

The already established candidate gave a press conference where she was accompanied by her second Martín Tetaz and by López Murphy, of whom she indicated “they are already part of this unified list.”

In his statements, Vidal emphasized the economic situation and said that “what most worries people is the lack of work.”

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