Party with 10,000 people in Parque Padre Hurtado: they ask that the administrator take control measures

Approximately 10,000 attendees participated in the uncontrolled “interfonda” self-organized university activity in the Parque Padre Hurtado in the commune of La Reina.

Alcohol, music and dancing were what marked the massive “interfonda”, an unauthorized university party that took place in the Parque Padre Hurtado (former intercommunal) on Avenida Francisco Bilbao in the commune of La Reina.

The call was set for 11 in the morning yesterday through social networks and with the invitation for all the universities of the capital.

However, the most tense moment was when the park closed its doors due to the high influx of people. What generated that the assistants will begin to skip the perimeter fences.

Those attending the event stated that they were “entertained.”

Carabineros confirmed that there was a participation of 10,000 attendees and that no arrests or incidents were recorded.

According to the lieutenant colonel, Alyson Larrañaga of the Santiago Andes Prefecture.

In the afternoon of yesterday, the Park’s own website indicated that the allowed capacity of the enclosure had been exceeded by 100%.

However, from the same administration they assured that this was due to a lack of updating.

As explained by the General Supervisor of the Park, Sergio Muñoz.

For his part, the mayor of La Reina, José Manuel Palacios, classified this event as “unacceptable” and warned that he will require drastic measures.

The Seremi de Salud Metropolitano went to the private premises to evaluate the possible sanctions to those who are responsible.

According to sources from La Radio, the closure of the park for National Holidays would not be ruled out.

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