Partner: you really trust your partner or life partner

Partner: you really trust your partner or life partner | Pexels Special

The trust is one of the pillars of love relationships and in any kind of bond between people, in fact. Without the presence of this characteristic, those involved cannot feel comfortable being together, much less separated, which will generate instability and failures in the interaction and lead directly to failure, because it is a great truth that once trust is lost, it is very difficult to recover for the good of both.

But how does trust work in a Relationship? Well, this is the connection that allows us to feel safe by having the certainty that our partner supports us and is loyal even in the absence, in good times and in bad as prayed by the wedding vows at weddings. When it is intact, peace reigns in the context of love, for there is a total freedom to express thoughts, feelings and opinions.

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Trust is closely linked to the idea of ​​commitment, which is the voluntary decision to be with a person while respecting the existing bond. It can be said that as long as there is a true commitment, trust will be taken care of and will be present at all times in the heads of the members of a couple, no matter the circunstances.

Inside of the context of a couple, the full confidence is built little by little, with the step of the interaction and as we get to know the special person and it becomes an element that we all need because it makes us feel that everything is under control. Mutual knowledge achieves the development of common sense among the lovers, to the extent that they almost know what the other thinks or how they will act in certain situations.

Although the experts in psychology are also certain that in the practice of trust a feeling of faith in the couple; no matter how much we know our loved one, nothing ensures that we know one hundred percent of their future actions and it is this certainty that the partner will always decide to do the right thing for us that indicates that there is a relationship that makes us feel safe. This certainty will keep emotions under control, as well as thoughts that can sometimes get out of control when there is an argument or misunderstanding.

The transience of trust in relationships

As we mentioned in previous paragraphs, trust is built slowly, however, its break can occur in a matter of seconds, at the speed of light, within an action, an attitude or a word. One time damaged trust In a love relationship or of any nature, it is very difficult for it to recover, at least promptly. One of the main aspects affected in the interaction is another equally crucial: communication.

Trust in your partner can be lost in a moment.

Trust in your partner can be lost in a moment.

When in a couple there is no longer trust, it is difficult for those involved to feel safe again and that will make each of them experience episodes of emotional ups and downs, which in the long run damages self-esteem and security in oneself and in the other. Our perception of what happens within the relationship can be very distorted and we tend to maximize the negative behaviors and the positives seem not to be enough, especially when the break occurred through real actions.

Although there are also people who by nature have a hard time trusting people and this has to do with self-confidence issues. Insecure people may have patterns of thinking and acting that make them makes it difficult to enter into any kind of relationship, including romantic ones. Even their partners may find the interaction exasperating, as they have difficulty communicating.

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If you identify that you no longer trust your partner, it is sensible to say that only actions and time could rebuild it, however, this has to be made clear through clear conversations and a real commitment in the future. Regarding what you can not lie is that a love relationship without trust does not have much hope of survival, because insecurity is something difficult to ignore and ignore, both your own and that of your partner.

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