Paris: police violently beaten by dealers

The facts occurred on the night of Wednesday 24 to Thursday 25 November, shortly after 2 a.m. Seven police officers from the Ile-de-France Networks Brigade (BRF) were beaten by dealers, as they left a dinner with colleagues in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

According to CNEWS information, the police, who usually work in the BRF’s “crack” group but who were off duty that evening, were recognized by three drug addicts.

The latter were joined by other individuals and then the group beat the police officers with, in particular, chains, bottles and telescopic batons. In total, there were about ten attackers, who would be “modous”.

This term – which can be translated as “small trader” in Wolof, the language most spoken in Senegal, refers to crack sellers, originally from West Africa, who operate in the metro or in the street.

A police officer has suspected a broken finger and the other six are slightly injured, according to CNEWS reports. A 26-year-old Gabonese individual in an irregular situation was arrested.

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