Paris: justice suspends the obligation to wear a mask outdoors

The Paris administrative court on Thursday suspended the prefectural decree which made it compulsory to wear a mask outside in Paris.

The order came into effect on December 31 to deal with the emergence of the highly contagious variant Omicron.

The Paris administrative court will publish its suspension decision this Friday. “As it was neither necessary nor strictly proportionate, the administrative court wished to suspend the decree,” however commented to AFP Me Jean-Baptiste Soufron, who pleaded for the suspension of this decree.

For its part, the police headquarters did not react, reserving its response to receipt of the decision.

Already Wednesday, a similar decision had been taken in the Yvelines, by the administrative court of Versailles. Seized by individuals, the summary judge considered that this “obligation could only be imposed on condition that the local epidemiological situation justifies it and that the wearing of a mask is limited to places and at times of high traffic”, according to the report. communicated. He therefore considered that the measure was “an excessive, disproportionate and inappropriate interference with individual liberty”.

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