Parazinho beats Leomon in the goalball Club World Cup

Parazinho, from Sesi (publication/CBDV/archive)

He gave Parazinho in the first duel against Leomon Moreno after they both won together the gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, in goalball. For the Club World Cup, Sesi defeated Sporting de Portugal in an exciting 9 to 7, in the match that closed the day of competitions in Odivelas, Portugal, this Thursday (25). The Brazilian team had already played one that day, successfully beating Canadian ASA Québec. In the female category, Sesi also won two and Sporting, who has Carol Duarte in the cast, won the only duel they did.

Leomon Moreno Sporting Sesi goalball World Cup
Leomon, in yellow, in the foreground, after the defeat by Sesi in Portugal (publicity/Sporting)

It can be said that Parazinho and Leomon were the great names of the Brazilian team in Tokyo. The first, whose name is Josemarcio Sousa, was the top scorer with 26 goals alongside Chinese Yang Mingyuan. Leomon, considered the best player in the world, scored just one less. In the rally on the court, this time with one for each side, the game was tied at 7 to 7 until 1min30 from the end, when Sesi made the eighth with Alex Sousa, Labrador, who was also in the campaign in Tokyo. With 22 seconds to go, Leomon shook Sesi’s net, but committed a penalty on the shot. In the collection, Parazinho beat his teammate and gave the final numbers to the game (watch the last seconds below). He was the top scorer in the duel with seven goals. Leomon scored six and Alex Sousa two.

the successor

In Tokyo, Parazinho and Leomon had Romário Marques to close the starting lineup. The first two have more selection time and Parazinho can be seen as one of the successors in goalball in the country. In the Japanese capital, he already understood the size of his feat. “The guys are awesome. Leomon is the best in the world, so I’m really inspired by him. I’m trying to adapt to match them, withstand the BO Thank God I can say I’m getting to their level”, he said, right after winning the final against China.

Parazinho Sesi Brazilian goalball champion 2019
Sesi, with Parazinho, was the 2019 Brazilian champion, a title that took the team to the World Cup (publication/CBDV/archive)

until the end

With the result, Sesi closes the classification phase of the goalball Club World Cup in first place, with four victories in four games in the men’s tournament. Also on Thursday, the team beat ASA Québec by the mercy rule, scoring 11-1. The day before, the first of the competition, the Brazilian team defeated the Belgian Ha.Vi.2 Bruxelles and the other Canadian, Vancouver GC, also by the rule of mercy. He scored 10 to 0 in the first and 11 to 1 in the second. Said rule ends the game when a team opens ten goals ahead. Sporting, on the other hand, has its first defeat in three matches, having beaten Vancouver GC, by 11 to 7, and ASA Québec by 16 to 7 in the previous round. This Friday (25), the Portuguese team takes the Ha. Saw. 2 Bruxelles to confirm second place. The four go to the semifinals, with the first against the fourth and the second against the third.


Club World Cup Women’s

Ana Gabriely Sesi Brazilian goalball champion 2019
Ana Gabriely, from Sesi, also Brazilian champion of 2019 (publication/CBDV/archive)

The dispute between Sesi and Sporting also shakes the women’s goalball tournament and they are expected to define the best of the group stage this Friday. Both only have victories so far. This Thursday, Sesi, who has Ana Gabriely and Moniza Lima in the squad, who were at the Paralympic Games, beat the Danish BSI Copenhagen by 9 to 6 and, later, the Dutch USV Hercules by 7 to 2. On Wednesday, they had defeated the French CS AVH Lyon for mercy, 11-1. The Portuguese team, with Carol Duarte, leader of the Brazilian national team in the fourth place campaign in Tokyo, played once this Friday and beat BSI Copenhagen by 13-7. Previously, he made 14-4, plus one for mercy, on the USV Hercules. This Friday, Sporting takes CS AVH Lyon and then measures forces against Sesi.

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