Pandora Papers: the businessmen and footballers that appear in the documents

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Durán Barba also spoke about Macri and Rodríguez Larreta, whom he pointed to as the best positioned for the 2023 presidential elections.

To these are added several names linked to football, including the midfielder of the Argentine team and the French PSG Angel Di Maria, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, the former player Javier Mascherano and Humberto Grondona, son of the late and historic president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) Julio Grondona.

Angel Di Maria

Di María will be cited again for the Selection.

Di María will be cited again for the Selection.

The information was obtained after an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICJ) also included businessmen Hugo Sigman and Marcelo Figueiras, owners of the Insud and Richmond laboratories, linked to the development of vaccines against the coronavirus in Argentina.

Pandora Papers, the continuity of the Panama Papers

The ICJ is the same consortium that revealed the Panama Papers in April 2016, the global network of similar characteristics that the defunct Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca had as its starting point.

As was the case five years ago, the Pandora Papers investigation results were published simultaneously by all the media that comprise the 160 associate investigative journalists from more than 117 countries.

There it was clarified, as on other occasions, that resorting to an offshore company or opening a bank account through a tax haven is not, in itself, an illicit activity.

On the contrary, it is considered that many people who do international business need these firms to carry out their financial affairs. But if the person responsible for this operation does not properly declare his money or any other asset to the tax authorities, he could incur the crimes of evasion or laundering, among other criminal figures.

A special chapter for the Argentine case in the Pandora Papers

AArgentina has its own chapter in the Pandora Papers and it was mentioned 57,307 times in the documents analyzed by the Argentine ICJ team.

The journalistic investigation indicated that Zulemita Menem, Di María, Mascherano and Pochettino gave their versions and explained their fiscal situation before the ICJ’s consultations.


Argentina is the third country with the most final beneficiaries detected in the Pandora Papers, that is, people who are the true owners and have final control of the offshore companies that appear in the documents.

There are 2,521 Argentine final beneficiaries in the files, which places the country in third place after Russia (4,437) and the United Kingdom (3,501). According to the ICJ, the majority of Argentines chose to create their companies in the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Panama and the United States.


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