Pancho Saavedra gave clues about his presidential option for the second round

Several celebrities have made their presidential options transparent in recent days in the face of the Elections 2021. Already Pancho saavedra he also had to do it.

This is because the communicator was consulted about it on his social networks, where several of his followers called on him to reveal his preference, according to Radio ADN.

“I think it’s time for you to give a clear message about your position … Your RRSS are super big and you have a lot of followers”, was one of the messages they wrote.

The face of Channel 13 responded, discreetly, that “My position has always been clear, for freedom, respect and peace.”

Pancho Saavedra and his candidate

Then, again they urged him to define himself. “Yeah right, Pancho. For the LGBT community we are waiting for your support for Boric. We love you Pancho. Do not let us down”, published.

Saavedra answered. Of course, avoiding giving a specific name of who would be his option to arrive at La Moneda, much in the style of the criticized position of Denise Rosenthal.

“Dear, my support will always be with whoever is on the side of our community. I will never give my vote to someone who does not respect our rights », said the animator.

In this way, Pancho Saavedra hinted that he would be closer to the program of Gabriel Boric without mentioning it directly.

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