PAN rejects AMLO’s electricity reform; Morena endorses eliminating the neoliberal privatization model

MEXICO CITY.- Leaders and legislators of Brunette and from PAN clashed yesterday in their positions around the president’s initiative Andrés Manuel López Obrador in matter electric.

The “Morenismo” noted that the sovereignty national and will reduce the prices, while the PAN warned that the value of energy will rise and could lead to Mexico to bankruptcy.

Reform will eliminate neoliberal privatization model

The coordinator of Brunette on the Chamber of Deputies, Ignacio Mier, assured that the electrical reform of the Federal Chief Executive, in addition to strengthening the system and reducing costs, eliminate the neoliberal privatization model and will strengthen the transition energetic with the sustainable use of sources of Energy.

With this proposal, scientific policies, technological and industrial necessary for the transition energetic, supported by financing and national demand as development levers, he specified in a statement.

He stressed that the project will allow for a restructuring of agencies, “that is, the CFE and Pemex will cease to be productive companies of the State to become decentralized organizations again, which will have their own legal personality and assets“.

Autonomy for the CFE

CFE It will have autonomy in the exercise of its functions and in its administration. In addition, it will subsist CFE Telecommunications e Internet for Everybody, and the subsidiaries CFEnergy, CFE International and CFE Capital. The Prices with his functions and attributions he rejoins the CFE.

This reform is consistent with the principle constitutional of exclusivity and leadership of the national development of the State on strategic areas, to ensure that it is comprehensive and sustainable, that strengthens the sovereignty of the nation and its democratic regime, “he insisted.

In contrast, the national president of the PAN, Marko Cuts, indicated that the reform will increase the cost of electricity throughout the country. He stated that it is “destructive and regressive”, since in addition to the negative impact on the cost of supply electric, will affect investments, chains productive, activities economic, generation from jobs, exchange rate and environment.

PAN opposes electricity reform

“We reject this electrical reform because we are defending the economy and the health of Mexicans. We are protecting families so that they do not pay for the broken dishes of this bad government. The consequences that this will bring initiative for Mexico they will be very serious and irreversible. I dare say that it is the most destructive proposal that we have known in many governments, “he said.

“On National Action we are committed to clean and cheap energy for the benefit of the people, we promote the participation of individuals in the generation of electricity, we support new investments and the generation of jobs in the energy sector, in order to sustain the competitiveness of the country before the international community, “he said.

He added that converting to the CFE in a monopoly for the generation of Energy, will involve the cancellation of contracts with private providers for more than 1.6 billion pesos, the destruction of investments, and the payment of billions of dollars in severance pay, not counting that there would be ongoing blackouts, industry shutdowns and job losses.

“The solar panels that many Mexicans and many small and large businesses use daily to have electricity clean and cheaper than the government does not provide. Mexican homes and businesses would have to eliminate their clean and cheap sources of electricity supply to connect back to the grid and receive dirty and expensive energy, “he said.

The vice-coordinator of the PAN in the Chamber of Deputies, Jorge Triana Tena, affirmed that the presidential initiative on electricity could lead to bankruptcy in Mexico. He warned that the proposal represents the most toxic, dangerous and regressive legislative instrument in this administration so far, and will be a severe blow to the economy of the families who have the least: “They will be affected by increases in their electricity bills.” express.

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