Pampita’s surprising confession to her colleagues: “I have saved all the notes that …"

Behind the scenes seems to be where Carolina Ardohain she is comfortable revealing her innermost secrets. And it was before starting to record his Net program that, in dialogue with his colleagues, Pampita revealed a mania that he has regarding his public record.

Who gave rise to the model to such a confession was Paul muney that while he was recording the preview with his cell phone, he asked him if he kept any photos or notes that he made throughout his career. “It doesn’t go anywhere. There are millions of things that it has. It does not erase, it does not like it. And he says: when we are old we will want to see them”, He sent her to the front Juliet Navarro.

To which, in his defense, Pampita clarified: “The ones in the magazines I kept all of them, all of them. I have boxes that say People, Hello, Faces, and so on. And it’s all on paper. And I have a friend named Ema, Luciana’s daughter, in the pandemic she took everything and put it all in folders and with pages”.

Sincere and emotional, Dear He acknowledged that in the future he sees himself with his children telling him: “Look when I tell you: before there was something called a magazine, which was made of paper and you carried it around the house on paper“. Where will you keep this valuable personal file? Although the model was not accurate in terms of physical space, it recognized that there are several boxes.

“That is not going to exist for a while. Me I don’t know if Ana is going to reach the age of magazines when she grows up. Will paper continue to exist? “Ardohain asked his panelists for reflection as they miked her to start recording.

It should be remembered that from the beginning, and being only a teenager, until today Pampita has starred in endless magazine covers and photographic productions that covered the different moments of her life, some beautiful and others not so much.

The girl who started out as a magazine cover People on the occasion of the waves of summer, he knew how to be also by his marriage to Martin Barrantes, his conflictive divorce from the polo player having been unfaithful to him with Benjamin Vicuña, the crises with the father of his children, the death of White, his romances, his commitment to Roberto García Moritan and even though paper is dying out, it became so with the recent birth of Ana.

“I kept the photos from the magazines, all of them. I have boxes and everything is stored on paper. And I have a friend who in the pandemic took everything and put it all in folders and with folio,” the model acknowledged.

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