Pampita faced the rumor that she hates herself with Iván de Pineda and surprised with her explanation

In the last hours, Pampita was as a guest to The Morning Angels where he had an intimate interview with his driver Angel de Brito, who asked her about her past relationships, her present time with her husband and daughter Ana, her work projects and the moments that made her the most happy or tormented her in front of the television cameras.

And it is that the production of the cycle The thirteen chose to put aside the daily show business agenda and ask the panelists not to be present for more than an hour so that the current jurors of The academy They could maintain a deep hand in hand.

In addition to talking about his bond with Benjamin Vicuña, the China Suarez, her motherhood, her beginnings as a model and her fights with Nicole Neumann, Carolina Ardohain also delved into the myth that was installed in the media that she has a strong rivalry with Ivan de pineda.

It all started when the guest talked about her beginnings as a host of Pampita Online and the harassment he suffered from his colleagues: “I felt that a lot was being demanded of me, it was my first own program on an air channel, they were seeing every day if I was wrong. I was feeling very pressured. So I stepped aside in Telefé and I told them that I couldn’t do a program like that ”.

In addition, he clarified that the station asked him to maintain a rating level to compete with his rival, which at that time was Pass word by The thirteen, which she could not reach and which put her in an uncomfortable situation because, anyway, she maintained a high score: “I made 7 or 8 points and they asked me for 11, but the other program was installed a year ago, it had a fixed audience. It was with Iván de Pineda ”.


That confession gave Ángel the foot to ask him about his relationship with the model and driver, since it was installed in the media that they have a bad relationship because, it should be remembered, that Iván is a couple of Barrantes Light, the polo player’s sister Martin Barrantes, Carolina’s first husband.

“Do they hate each other with Ivan?” the LAM leader asked without filter, cutting off the conversation. But quickly and sincerely, the wife of Roberto García Moritan reality told: “No not at all”.

Likewise, the driver clarified that he was consulting him “Because there was always that myth since at one point they were family”, and Pampita clarified: “Yes, we were family at one point. But no, no. Above all, Ivan was my friend before he was family. I have no enemies.”


On the other hand, the model also spoke about her ex-husband, with whom she separated amid rumors of infidelity for having started a relationship with Benjamín Vicuña, and confessed that since that day they have never seen each other again.

Anyway, he made it clear that he does not save “No kind of grudge” with him or that he regrets his actions: “All the decisions I made were with good intentions, some turned out well, others did not, but it has to do with growing up. But everything that I experienced remained in the archive.”

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