"Pamela" leaves floods and road cuts in Nayarit

Hurricane “Pamela” left Impacts on its passage through the state of Nayarit. Acaponeta and Tecuala populations register floods this Thursday, while some road sections are closed.

“Pamela”, who entered yesterday as hurricane category 1 In the neighboring state of Sinaloa, it brought heavy rains that increased the channel of the Acaponeta and San Pedro rivers in Nayarit. “Pamela” weakened last night to a low remaining pressure about Coahuila.

Nayarit authorities reported that the overflows of rivers yesterday caused floods and closure to circulation from the Tecuala-Acaponeta highway through the town of Los Sandovales, as well as from the Tepic-Mazatlán highway, at km 118.

The most affected municipalities are Acaponeta, Tecuala, Ruiz, Tuxpan, Huajicori and Rosamorada, where tours are being carried out today.

The closure of a road due to flooding. FACEBOOK / SSPCNay

This Thursday, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of Nayarit gave a balance of current damages:

  • The iAccess to the municipal seat of Tecuala is disabled. The towns of Los Sandovales and Agua Verde have floods of approximately one meter in height.
  • The road from Tuxpan to Peñas is without passage due to the collapse of the bridge, while on the road from Tuxpan to San Vicente there is presence of water on the asphalt strip.
  • In the Acaponeta-Tecuala section there is a sinkhole.
  • There is already a passage on the highway from Huajicori to Acaponeta. While in the gap that goes from Huajicori to the town of Quiviquinta, between the crossing from Zapotillo to the town of Zotenco, work is done with machinery to wash out a hill.



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