Pamela David debuted with The roulette of your dreams: rating and how to participate

Paola, Joana and Leo faced each other in the roulette of your dreams, with prizes of different values. To be able to add money and make their way to the final, the contestants had to guess famous phrases, sayings, recipes or names of personalities.

This is how The Roulette of Your Dreams began! With the driving of Pamela David

Paola, who was the one who accumulated the most in the game, reached the final. After spinning the roulette for the last time, the participant was encouraged to a challenge to try to get an extra prize.

On the blackboard, the young woman had to guess the name, surname and nationality of a painter. Although he tried his best, he missed the answer.

In any case, Paola left … with a total of $ 79,250 and a bicycle!

The rating of the roulette of your dreams

The premiere of The roulette of your dreams started with 2.1 rating points, a good number for América TV. Throughout the program, he had a good audience and generated a peak of 2.5.

How to participate in the Pamela David program

Participants must solve the sentence panels. The variants and categories are song lyrics, popular sayings, phrases of common use, words of any kind, cooking recipes, movie titles, book titles, names of celebrities, tourist sites, among others. What they have to do is spin the wheel and accept the letters that make up each sentence to solve the riddle.

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To participate in Pamela David’s new program, The roulette of your dreams, you must send an email to the production

The roulette of your dreams it has 24 segments; each of them with a prize, actions or penalties. As the rounds go by, the chance of winning more money increases.

To participate in the program, those interested must sign up through [email protected]

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