Italy always runner-up in summer games – and still world record holder

An insurmountable wall for Italy: Yann Sommer held everything that came on his goal.

The entertaining top game of World Cup qualification group C between Switzerland and Italy should only know one winner: Yann Sommer. That evening, the Gladbach goalkeeper simply held everything that came from the European champions on his goal, including a penalty. The national team could not prevent the Azzurri from setting a world record. An … Read More

6-0 against Armenia – Germany causes a wave of enthusiasm

National team under flick: an effective dose of courage

IThe evening before the ball rolled was a sign of aggressiveness. First, the late Gerd Müller was remembered in the Stuttgart arena, a few of his 68 goals for the national team flickered over the video screens, at the point of kick was a jersey with the number 13. Another stormy Müller, first name Thomas, … Read More

Martín Lasarte questioned the presence of Charles Aránguiz in Chile’s match against Colombia

Martín Lasarte questioned the presence of Charles Aránguiz in Chile's match against Colombia

The coach of La Roja, Martín Lasarte, set off the alarms in the “Everyone’s Team”, since once the match that Chile equalized without goals against Ecuador, the Uruguayan detailed the physical state of Charles Aránguiz, who is in doubt to face Colombia in Barranquilla next Thursday. In the post-match press conference, “Machete” pointed out that … Read More

Why did Natalia Lafourcade decide not to have children?

Why did Natalia Lafourcade decide not to have children?

Maria Natalia Lafourcade Silva, better known as Natalia Lafourcade have 37 years. Not only is she a renowned singer,? composer and music producer. You also specialized in arrangement design, is it? philanthropist? and Mexican activist. Happy and proud, she considers herself a single and independent citizen. Natalia was born in Mexico but grew up in … Read More

Scaloni: "It should have been a party"

Scaloni: "It should have been a party" Scaloni was in the same line as the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, assuring that they had no warning “that they could not play” the goalkeeper Emiliano Esque Martínez, Giovani Lo Celso, Cristian Romero and Emiliano Buendía. scaloni.jpg “At no time were we notified that they could not play the game, the Conmebol … Read More