What happens if you don’t activate Facebook Protect? This we know

What happens if you don't activate Facebook Protect?  This we know

Users in social networks have reported the blocking of their Facebook account for not activating Facebook Protect. If in these last days you have tried to enter your Facebook account but you get a message with the following captions, don’t worry. Here we tell you what it is about: “Activate Facebook Protect to access your … Read More

Alonso sure: “Formula 1 will always need the DRS”

Alonso sure: "Formula 1 will always need the DRS"

Fernando Alonso believes that the DRS will always be necessary in Formula 1, even with the introduction of the new 2022 technical regulation with ground effect cars, and that in theory it should allow cars to facilitate chasing and therefore overtaking. The Spaniard does not think so, or at least he believes that this technology, … Read More

World Stroke Day: How to detect the first symptoms?

World Stroke Day: How to detect the first symptoms?

It is estimated that every year 15 million people around the world suffer a stroke, of which 5 million die. More than 80% of these episodes are preventable through adequate control of risk factors, incorporating physical activity, a healthy diet and conducting periodic medical check-ups. On the occasion of World stroke day, which is held … Read More

Fátima Segovia responds to a user who questioned her about opening an account at OnlyFans | Shows

In addition to her career in the world of comedy, Fátima Segovia decided to venture into digital platforms for adults and announced her account on OnlyFans, a social network that provides content from a cheap subscription. As he specified, he will upload material “not suitable for the faint of heart” and will surprise his followers. … Read More

The best horror movies available in streaming

The Conjuring 2

From the paranormal phenomena and sinister characters that haunted their victims from the titles of yesteryear, today the top horror movies available in streaming They offer more psychological arguments: They are capable of stressing your emotions, they surprise you when you least expect it and offer unexpected twists in their plot. You will be interested … Read More

The Division Heartland: its release seems postponed by a few months

The Division Heartland: its release seems postponed by a few months

Unfortunately, this is the year of postponements. Ubisoft he seems to have confirmed the delayed release of The Division Heartland during the call to investors. Initially scheduled for release at the end of the year, or even the beginning of 2022, the studio’s latest financial report indicated, according to VGC, that Heartland along with two … Read More

Femicide of Celeste Miranda: the allegations will be next Tuesday

Femicide Celeste Miranda

The criminal prosecutor of the Unit for Serious Attacks against the People of Tartagal, Gonzalo Vega, represents the Public Prosecutor’s Office before Room I of the Trial Court of that district, in the debate hearing against Carlos Góngora, Reynaldo Nicolás Romero and Carlos Ezequiel Martínez as perpetrators of the crime of double qualified homicide to … Read More