End of teleworking: a puzzle in perspective

End of teleworking: a puzzle in perspective

The perfect balance will be a challenge for employers While the lifting of the recommendation for teleworking should finally mean that the world of work is returning to its normalcy, the reality is quite different. After more than 20 months of a pandemic during which teleworking was sometimes recommended and sometimes required, rules that employers … Read More

Memorial – Shoah wall of names is opened

Memorial - Shoah wall of names is opened

On the 83rd anniversary of the November pogroms, the Shoah name wall will be opened in Vienna on Tuesday. The memorial in the Ostarrichipark between the Old General Hospital and the National Bank commemorates over 64,000 Jewish people from Austria who were murdered during the Nazi era. The names of children, women and men are … Read More

The end of gasoline and diesel could be played out these days

A decisive week opens for the Cop26, the United Nations conference on climate change. One of the topics discussed in the coming days will be the possible abandonment of cars with internal combustion engines – gasoline, diesel and others – in favor of zero-emission mobility. Or any other type that could be developed. The objectives … Read More

Who did Taylor Swift write Enchanted about?

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8 November 2021, 15:43 Is Taylor Swift delighted with Adam Young from Owl City? Taylor Swift could be about to come out Red (Taylor version) but fans on TikTok are currently obsessed with “Enchanted,” an album track from his 2010 artwork. Speak Now. ‘Enchanted’ is one of Taylor’s best songs from Speak Now, and possibly … Read More