PAE provided equipment for the Volunteer Firefighters barracks

Continuing a plan specially designed to accompany and strengthen the daily work of the Volunteer Firefighters of Chubut and within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility activities that it implements in the province, Pan American Energy (PAE) concrete input of equipment for 11 barracks of the valley and mountain range areas.

The act was held at Government House and had the participation of the governor Mariano Arcioni, effective belonging to the entire province and the Manager of Institutional Relations of Pan American Energy for GSJ, Horacio Garcia.

Knowing the importance of job that carry out the Volunteer firemen of the province and, this time, highlighting the hard work of the troops who fought the fires in the mountain range, the company He delivered equipment to the Lago Puelo, Epuyén, El Hoyo, Maitén, Cholila, Trevelin and Esquel barracks. The troops of Ricardo Rojas, Trelew, Rawson and Puerto Madryn also received contributions.

Governor Mariano Arcioni put in value the contribution of Pan American Energy and stated that “for us collaborate with firefighters is always very important, because we know the needs and the effort they make to carry out their barracks, and also the solidarity work what they do for others ”.

Contribution for barracks in the Cordillera and del Valle

In Chubut, PAE delivered 13 Autonomous Teams, 20 Complete Suits (with boots, helmets, protective nuns, structural and gloves) and different tools required by each of the barracks.

From the Chubutense Federation of Firefighters, its president Luis Pensado highlighted “the accompaniment of the Pan American Energy company, not only this year but also in previous years towards different Firefighters Associations throughout the province. In this case, you are delivering equipment to dependencies who have many financial difficulties, located in very complex places and that they have had to face the largest interface fires known to the province. We highly value that the company collaborates with these associations even if it does not operate in this area ”.

For his part, the president of the Puerto Madryn Firefighters Association, Gastón Alcuero, valued the company’s contribution.

During 2020 and 2021, the company delivered equipment self-contained breathing apparatus, structural equipment and tools that will allow them to differentiatenn quarters renew and increase the equipment they currently have.

Soon your will add new supply of equipment to the Comodoro Rivadavia, Rada Tilly and Sarmiento barracks. Contributions will also be delivered to the Caleta Olivia, Pico Truncado and Koluel Kaike barracks, belonging to the province of Santa Cruz

These PAE contributions represent the continuity of a designed plan and implemented by the company since 2016, intended for accompaniment of the living forces of the region in their needs of equipment.

In this sense, from PAE’s Institutional Relations, Juan Taccari, explained that “for several years since the company we promote this program cooperation with the intention of accompany and strengthen institutions who work to care for the community. We work based on a survey of the real needs of the different detachments. In this way, any help we can provide is more effective ”.

For his part, the Manager of Institutional Relations of the GSJ, Horacio Garcia, added that “for PAE it is very important be able to accompany the institutions that are in charge of protect neighbors. We plan to continue in this process and keep working on it strengthening from the barracks providing equipment and tools that allow them to work safely and thus efficiently carry out their exemplary task ”.

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