Pablo Escobar: What is the reason why they began to sterilize the hippos of the Colombian drug trafficker

At the beginning of 2021 a great controversy was generated around the African hippos that arrived in Colombia in the 1980s on the orders of Pablo Escobar, since the lack of predators and the absence of severe droughts made these animals be considered as a population invasive and dangerous.

The controversy arose from the possibility of executing some of these specimens as a measure to control their reproduction in Colombian lands.

Gina Paola Serna, a veterinarian specializing in hippos, commented to the chain CNN that the struggle to control the population of these mammals has been an arduous task. However, he provided good news by establishing that a few days ago some of them began to be vaccinated with a chemical to sterilize them and thus avoid their possible execution.

“So, in a project that will last approximately two to three years, we want to sterilize approximately 100% of the population of hippos found in this lake,” Serna explained to the international chain.

The decision to start controlling the population of hippos in the country emerged in recent years, after they began to migrate to rural areas and places where fishing activities are carried out, which has caused the animals to attack people.

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The Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Black and Nare River Basins (Cornare) was the pioneer in the task of sterilizing hippos, which began in October through a pilot program.

According to information from National GeographicIf we do not take action on the matter and prevent the hippo population from increasing uncontrollably, Colombia could have close to 1,400 specimens in the next 15 years.

Due to these alarming figures, these animals began to be sterilized with a veterinary drug known as “Gonacon”, which was acquired in by Cornare after presenting the case to the Animal Health Agency, a dependency of the United States Department of Agriculture. United.

“Only they produce it and we know that its implementation is under study for wild megafauna species,” said David Echeverry, a biologist of this corporation.

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According to information from the US Wildlife Service, “GonaCon” is a contraceptive vaccine that stimulates the generation of antibodies that inhibit the hormones responsible for sexual reproduction.

So far, 24 hippos have been chemically sterilized with this vaccine, as reported National Geographic.

Pablo Escobar brought four elephants from Africa to Colombia, which throughout the years have reproduced uncontrollably. (Free Press Photo: AFP)

David Echeverry commented that hippos are considered a species that transforms the landscape that roam and that is why they are called bioengineers. This issue worries Colombian environmentalists since these animals “being so large and walking in herds, they can even divert the riverbeds.”

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It is estimated that around 90 hippos circulate freely through different areas in Colombia, which are descendants of the four specimens that drug trafficker Pablo Escobar brought to adorn his private zoo at Hacienda Napoles.

Likewise, the late drug lord brought gazelles, camels, elephants and other exotic species to the country to keep captive on his property in Antioquia.

Chemical sterilization is a cheaper and less invasive process than surgery, and has been previously tested on deer and wild horses in the United States.

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