Pablo Escobar took the unborn baby from one of his lovers – Conflict and Drug Trafficking – Justice

Several years ago, Escobar’s deceased henchman told the magazine ‘Don Juan’ that the narco paid to have an abortion performed on her Wendy Chavarriaga Gil, who was one of the capo’s lovers.

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She got pregnant by him because of the money, but the boss didn’t want to know anything about it and sent two pelaos and a doctor to get the boy out“Popeye declared to the aforementioned publication.

The most feared capo was killed in a police operation 28 years ago.

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After the abominable event, the model started an affair with Popeye: “I loved her with all my soul. She was a spectacular model, from the other world. A woman whose legs protruded from the back of her neck. He knew how to speak, he knew how to sit, he knew how to eat“Popeye told the magazine ‘Don Juan’.

However, although Escobar approved of the affair of several months, he suggested to Popeye to be careful and tapped the model’s phone, in such a way that he discovered that Wendy was one of the informants of the Search Block, the elite group created solely and exclusively to capture it. Thus, Escobar ordered Popeye to kill his girlfriend.

The then hitman affirmed that he did not know that the model He was an informant and that he was so in love that he was not able to murder her himself: “I made him an appointment and sent him five hit men to finish him offa”.

Popeye confessed that of all the women with whom he had a romantic relationship, the only ones he really loved were Wendy and the mother of his son.

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