Pablo Escobar: the curious request made by the drug trafficker’s mother to the man who prepared his body at the funeral home

Pablo Escobar, the world’s most powerful drug trafficker, was assassinated by Colombian police on December 2, 1993 in Medellín, after trying to escape from the authorities to avoid being captured.

After the death of the founder of the Medellin Cartel, his body was transferred to a funeral home to organize his funeral.

Omar Carmona was in charge of fixing the body of Pablo Escobar and years later he confessed that he had never been afraid of a dead man until he saw the body of the famous drug trafficker.

The thanatologist spent an entire day with the corpse of one of the most dangerous and violent men in history and He was in charge of putting the body of Pablo Escobar in his coffin.

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Carmona confessed that despite being dead, the leader of the Medellín Cartel still represented a threat to people, due to rumors about a possible bomb in the funeral home or the kidnapping of his body by the drug lord.

However, none of this happened, although the thanatologist experienced a historic episode when talking with Pablo Escobar’s mother.

Hermilda de los Dolores Gaviria Berrío ordered Omar Cardona to will fix your child’s body in the best way in order to provide him with a proper burial.

Similarly, he reported that by order of the mother of the well-known drug trafficker, he did not make many repairs to Escobar’s corpse, since she wanted him to be seen as a “simple man.”

“The little I could do was plug his wounds with cotton, put on makeup, comb his hair,” he confessed.

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According to Omar Carmona, requested that nothing else be put on her son since he was someone simple and did not use extravagant jewelry.

“Don’t put anything else on him because he was very simple, he didn’t wear jewelry. No watch, no chain, no rings, nothing.”

Pablo Escobar is considered the most dangerous drug trafficker in history. (Free Press Photo: Hemeroteca PL)

Added to this, the thanatologist in charge of fixing the body of Pablo Escobar revealed that despite the money and luxuries that the drug trafficker enjoyed in life, he was buried in a simple lead-colored coffin.

“The simplest chest that everyone uses here, made of wood,” confessed Carmona.

Omar also commented that he was in charge of arranging the burial of the founder of the Medellin Cartel, since his body was in the process of decomposition and everything had to be done almost immediately.

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Given the constant discussion about whether Pablo Escobar was murdered or would have committed suicide, the Colombian thanatologist assured that the drug trafficker did not achieve his goal of taking his own life before being captured by the authorities.

“Without being an expert in criminalistics and ballistics, when there is a shot at point-blank range, something called the tattoo remains, the powder keg, Pablo did not have that around. I give myself a shot, I don’t give myself two, one in the ear and the other in the storm,” he said.

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