Over 150 Yemeni rebels killed in Saudi coalition-led bombing

More of 150 Yemeni rebels died in attacks by the Saudi-led military coalition in the strategic city of Marib, in southern Yemen, controlled by government forces.

“The operation destroyed 11 military vehicles and killed more than 150 terrorist elements “ in Al Abdiya, south of Marib, said the coalition, quoted by the Saudi press agency SPA.

The Houthis launched a campaign in February to conquer Marib, last fiefdom of the government in northern Yemen.

In recent weeks they have intensified their offensive. The coalition responded with aerial bombardments during the last four days, and has killed – according to her – to more than 500 insurgents.

The balance sheets, however, could not be verified.

Yemen has been devastated by a seven-year conflict that pits the houthi rebels backed by Iran with the government, supported by this military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Because of the fighting, tens of thousands of people they had to leave Marib this year, the UN reported on Thursday.

“From January 1 to September 30, the OIM registered more than 55,000 displaced people in the Marib governorate, ”in areas accessible to its monitoring teams, sources from the organization explained to AFP.

Only in September were 10,000 displaced Yemenis in that province, the IOM said.

According to the UN, the fighting in recent weeks has accentuated the worst humanitarian crisis in the world today, which has pushed the population to the brink of famine.

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