Outdoor pet friendly places to have fun with our pets

establishments or services pet friendly, as its name in English indicates, are friendly places with pets, where they receive adequate treatment so that they can accompany their master to eat, drink or spend good times together outdoors on these clear days in January, because They are considered a member of the family.

It is very important to know the rules that govern each of these places before arriving, so that your stay is pleasant and you do not encounter unforeseen events. It is the responsibility of the owner that his pet is educated and obedient, and take care of the collection of its feces, so as not to cause inconvenience to other people.

In this space there are four places where owners can take their pets for a walk and have everyone have the most fun.

Green Rush

It is a recreation and environmental awareness park with panoramic views of great beauty, with more than 10 km of trails, located at km 24 highway to El Salvador, cross to Villa Canales, so that both the owner and his dog can enjoy the wonders of nature. It is important that the dog is kept on a leash at all times, except in the Dog Park, where it can be released freely to socialize with others of its kind. When the animal relieves itself, just do it on the side of the road, so that no one steps on it, because plastic bags are not allowed, since there are no dumpsters. To reduce the risk of contagion, visitors are received only with a scheduled appointment and prior entry payment. The price will depend on the package you choose, which includes admission, activities and food.

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Benita’s summit

Located at km 28.5 highway to Bárcenas, Santa Lucía Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez, is a place where you can see impressive views of the volcanoes. It has green areas, fruit trees and a half soccer field, where pets can walk on a leash, but there is also an area assigned especially for them, so they can enjoy the outdoors freely. In all places, the owner is responsible for taking care of his pet. In addition, you can buy toys or dog food and there are water stations for the animals to hydrate. The entrance fee for adults is Q30 and for children, Q15.

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Farm El Barretal

This coffee farm is located at km 39, route to San Vicente Pacaya, Palín, Escuintla. In addition to the 8 km trail ride between coffee plantations, you can admire a 40 meter high waterfall, a viewpoint towards the volcanoes and an enigmatic wind plant, all surrounded by a wonderful forest, a unique fun in the middle of nature for enjoy as a family in the company of your pet, where it is welcome on and off leash, as long as it is under the supervision of its owner at all times, who must be responsible for cleaning up the feces of his faithful companion. The entrance fee per person is Q50 and for animals, Q15.

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Xejasmin ride

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Located at km 87.5, Inter-American Route, Tecpán, Chimaltenango, is a restaurant and hotel where you can enjoy various attractions in a natural environment such as canopy, horseback riding and mountain tour, whose route is the one that the pet enjoys the most, since it walks to the bank of a river, passes by seeing a reserve of peacocks, turkeys, ducks and deer and, finally, reaches a suspension bridge. In areas where there are more people, the dog must be kept on a leash. If the dog barks more than normal, he will be placed in the restaurant with his family in a place where he will not disturb other diners. There is no admission or parking fee, only for the attractions. If the animal stays with its masters in the cabins, it has a cost of Q250.

Kanajuyu Ecological Park

If you don’t want to travel a long distance from the city to walk your dog, the perfect place is this park, located in the village of San Gaspar, zone 16, where the care of urban wooded areas is encouraged. In the company of the pet, you can go through natural trails 3 km away, where it feels free or enjoy a family picnic. In the place there is a dog training circuit, which can be used by the dog at no cost. Two dog training academies offer classes on site, Saturday or Sunday, at an additional cost. Entrance fee: Q15, for adults; Q10 for children and pets Q5.

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Other places where they also accept pets:

  • Hotel Selina in Panajachel and Antigua Guatemala
  • Hotel Posada de Dona Luisa, Antigua Guatemala.
  • Jacarandas de Cayalá Ecological Park, zone 16.
  • Florencia Ecological Park, Santa Lucía Milpas Altas, Sacatepéquez.
  • Hotel Quinta del Sol, San Jose Pinula.
  • Bonanza La Ponderosa, km 88, Tecpán, Chimaltenango.
  • Hacienda San Antonio, San Antonio Aguascalientes, Sacatepéquez.

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