Otoniel: Duque asked the Court for speed for his extradition – Government – Politics

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“The National Government has already formally received the request for the extradition of alias ‘Otoniel’ by the USA of North America. The administrative procedures have already been carried out in the Ministry of Justice and in the Chancellery, and yesterday that request was made available to the Supreme Court of Justice ”, he said.

He said that in that conversation he also confirmed the approval of the extradition of Antonio Moreno Tuberquia, alias ‘Nicholas‘, second head of the Gulf Clan.

“This extradition is very important, because we have been waiting for that decision for several years, and that is also a targeted blow to the structure of the Gulf Clan,” he said.

Regarding the two extradition processes, the one that materialized and the one that begins the formal process before the Supreme Court of Justice, the President stated that “they are a targeted blow to drug trafficking and the demonstration that no one is above the law.”

Duque also highlighted the seizure of the largest number of tons of cocaine in the history of the fight against drug trafficking in Colombia: 595 tons seized so far in 2021.

He noted that this figure is above the 500 tons seized in all of 2020.

“This is the all-time high of seizures of cocaine hydrochloride in the history of our country, and that also reaffirms the spirit of the Public Force to fight forcefully against this crime, ”he stressed.

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