Osmani García makes his followers cry with laughter with a bath with sharks: "The adrenaline rush"

The Cuban singer Osmani García He made his partner Laura and his thousands of followers cry with laughter with a funny video in which he appears bathing in a cage with sharks in the open sea.

The artist and his girlfriend took a ride in the boat and came to an area full of sharks. If it was impressive to see them up close, the Chiquitico de Cuba almost got his heart out of his chest when it was time to get into the cage with the sharks swimming around him.

In the middle of “the palante and pa ‘back”, the nervous shouts of Osmani and the laughter of Laura, the interpreter of The taxi He confessed his concern: “I am afraid that the tip of my foot will come out of the cage.”

“Goodbye to my fans, to the fans of El Chiquitico de Cuba,” he said as he put his feet in the cage.

Another of the hilarious moments of Osmani’s adventure was when he grabbed onto a metal structure that was not very safe while trying to get into the cage, and the instructor, who did not speak Spanish, tried to tell him that it was not safe to hold on because You could hurt yourself and he said in Spanish: “Dangerous”, to which Osmani reacted altered, “Dangerous, how dangerous, man?”

“Oh, what a way to laugh”, “You are a show, you imagine you put the tip of the foot and they take it to you hahahaha”, “What a way to laugh, so one told him that he was on his block, I died “,” Oh, I piss with him, how crazy, I’m not even dead, “some of his followers commented.

In their eight months of relationship, Osmani and Laura have not stopped having adventures. From the pyramids of Egypt to a parachute jump to celebrate the singer’s 40th birthday, until trying camel milk in dubai.

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