Orange peel masks for radiant skin

Stains and wrinkles are one of the main problems that can arise in the skin, which affects the appearance of it. To shell Orange is attributed many properties that benefit the skin, then I will talk about some masks that you can use to prevent these damages.

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Orange peel is a rich source of nutrients that benefit the dermis. The orange has vitamin C, which hydrates, clarifies and gives elasticity to the skin, in addition to stimulating the formation of collagen, this prevents premature aging that can cause wrinkles.

The orange peel also contains calcium, which is essential for our skin, as it protects it, promotes cell regeneration and regulates pH. One more reason not to throw it away anymore. Here are two masks that you can start right away.

Orange peel, yogurt and oatmeal mask

This mask helps to eliminate impurities that can be found in the faceAs well as hydrating it thanks to the fact that oatmeal reduces dehydration of the skin, this action strengthens the protective layer of the dermis, preventing the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

To prepare it you need in a blender to mix the peel of an orange, a tablespoon of yogurt and one of oatmeal. Blend very well for three minutes, you will have a paste. Place a towel over your shoulders to avoid staining yourself with the mask.

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With your face clean, start applying it to your face with the help of a brush or the tip of your fingers (make sure they are very well washed). Let it sit for ten minutes and rinse with warm water, then seal with cold to close your pores.

Orange peel mask with sandalwood

This is a mask that can be your ally when there are problems with the acne and other skin conditions. The first thing you should do is let the peel of an orange dry, when it is ready proceed to powder it in the blender.

With the powdered peel, in a deep bowl mix one tablespoon of this, one of sandalwood powder and two rose water. Apply it to the neck and face with the help of a brush or the tips of your hands, let it rest for fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and seal with cold.

Orange peel masks for radiant skin. Photo: pexels

With all these properties of the orange peel, what are you waiting for to make it, remember that the skin needs specialized care to achieve a beautiful and uniform look. Do not forget to always use your protector solar inside and outside the house, as well as for the screens of electronic devices.

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