Oral trial of a man began for shooting his neighbor and killing a teenager

Maximiliano Nicosia is the prosecutor of the case

A 60-year-old man began to be tried on Wednesday for injuring a neighbor and killing a teenager in the neighboring town of San Lorenzo. The incident took place in February 2019 when an argument took place between the defendant and a neighbor. In that frame, the first one returned with a weapon and fired at his opponent. The bullets hit this man and a teenager, who had nothing to do with it, who died for three days. Prosecutor Maximiliano Nicosia Herrero indicted him as the perpetrator of the crimes of aggravated homicide for the use of firearms, attempted aggravated homicide, carrying and concealment and requested 26 years in prison. The debate is chaired by judges Carlos Gazza, Ignacio Vacca and Mariel Minetti.

At 2:30 p.m. on February 20, 2019, Rubén C. argued with his neighbor José Luis R. in the area of ​​Peru and Juan Pablo II of San Lorenzo. The first one went home and a few minutes later came back firing and shot at José Luis who was at the door with his brother-in-law, Brandon Leiva, 16 years old.

He wounded both, José Luis was shot in the neck and another in the left shoulder. Brandon was shot in the abdomen. The victims were transferred to the Eva Perón Hospital but the adolescent could not recover and died three days later.

After the fact, Rubén Pío C. took a backpack with some personal effects and escaped on a motorcycle, but was arrested after a police chase at the height of Paraguay Street, some 50 meters away, ending in Route S18.

The man was charged in February 2019 with the crime, the attempted murder, the carrying of a 9-millimeter pistol without visible numbers and the crime of concealment. This Wednesday the oral and public trial against him began and the prosecutor Nicosia requested 26 years in prison for the accused.

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