Optimize your financial services

When contracting a financial product or service, you can automatically have an ally to optimize the management of resources and help carry out the purpose for which it was acquired. However, there is a lot of mistrust in financial institutions and, many times, that is why the products and services they offer are not used.

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) points out that ignorance is one of the main barriers to the use of these financial services and products. According to the Financial Services Study 2021, carried out by the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO), in collaboration with Netquest, the main reasons why people in our country use their financial services infrequently are ignorance (78 per percent), of these, 25 percent think they do not need them, 21 percent mention that there is nothing that suits their needs, 14 percent do not know how to hire them, 14 percent do not understand their functionality.

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Another cause is mistrust (75 percent), of which 32 percent prefer to handle their money personally, 23 percent do not trust the “fine print” of contracts. Bad experiences are also mentioned (55 percent), 20 percent indicate that the quality of customer service is poor, 18 percent resolution of problems or complaints is poor, 15 percent in case of an emergency, fraud or accident , it is difficult to report.

There are many taboos by which people refuse to enter the financial system, however, there are more benefits that can be obtained from it. Among the main reasons why financial products and services should be contracted, the Condusef highlights the need, due to the constant advancement of technology, in many cases it is already mandatory to have the technological means to be able to carry out some actions, for example, when They require you to verify income, many supermarkets already have self-checkout machines, in the payment of your salary, among many others.

There are also benefits, usually financial products have some benefits when making use of them, such is the case of discounts when accumulating points, miles, etc. Another point would be practicality, financial products facilitate the management of your money. And security, there are financial products and services that give you protection in the event of an emergency or adversity. It also provides peace of mind, as it is safer than bringing the cash.

With the advancement of technology and the ease with which things can be obtained through the internet, the moment of choosing has been much easier and more comfortable for everyone, since there is no need to move to another place to acquire the desired service or product.

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Buyers of financial services use various sources of information to compare and find out about what they want to buy, the most common being recommendations from friends or family (26 percent), websites of financial institutions (26 percent), social networks (26 %) and going directly to the branch (22%).

Among the financial services operations that they prefer to carry out online are consulting the balance or account statement (94%), making national and international payments or transfers (85%), paying for services (82%), recharging (73%) ), as well as paying the credit card (67%).

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