Only three cases in a Health Post run by a Venezuelan doctor who arrived in the middle of the pandemic

Posadas Lake did not suffer the first wave of infections that had its peak of cases in Santa Cruz during December 2020 and January of last year.

But the town that does not reach 500 inhabitants did have an outbreak due to Covid-19 in the second wave that began in May 2021. It was a party organized in an ATE room.

The Development Commission together with the COE resolved to return to Phase 1 for a week,

They reached 80 active cases, that is, they exceeded 10% of their infected population.

The problem is that they only have one Health Post and serious cases must be referred to Perito Moreno, located 200 kilometers away, of which 70 km correspond to a gravel road.

In this third wave, infections have not yet reached massively in a town that has the majority of the population vaccinated and that was one of the first to reach a significant percentage of inoculated in Santa Cruz.

Yesterday the country presented 128,402 infections, Santa Cruz contributed 1,509 new positives, with 12,959 active cases.

For now, in Lago Posadas there are only 3 active cases, and it had its first case on December 27, although it remained almost constant to date (see graph) while in all localities the figures increase exponentially.

For work

“People take much more care of themselves, put more effort in terms of close contacts, but apart from that we have support from the Development Commission and the police, although a large part depends on the people,” he said. Luis Alfredo Ivimas, doctor of the Health Post.

The health professional is Venezuelan, and he arrived from Buenos Aires to Santa Cruz in May 2020 along with another contingent of professionals who arrived to increase the health personnel.

This was also established in the Official Gazette with Decree No. 0489, File MSA-No. 977.884 / 20, which indicated the contract for the rental of services signed with the doctor, which is attached to the Perito Moreno Hospital.

“It was a job proposal and he decided to come,” he said and mentioned that the situation has been “a bit stressful” in the midst of the pandemic, although “there is a lot of support from the authorities and so far we have done quite well.”

“I came for the job opportunity and I didn’t even know which town I would go to, because in the first instance it was going to be Piedra Buena, and of the five doctors, four went to Gobernador Gregores and I to Lago Posadas,” he said.

What the doctor analyzes is what will happen if there is a new outbreak, since Lago Posadas does not have a Pharmacy, and to obtain medicine, they must go to Perito Moreno.

“People wait for all the medicines to arrive and cannot go out and buy them,” he said.

With the outbreak last year, the purchase was organized for all those who were isolated.

Because it was a small commune, they knew who was infected and who was not, but they also had to be counted when entering the town.

Now they received the visits of tourists and in fact “there have been positive cases, which arose from a family that arrived for the end of the year festivities.”

Ivimas valued the vaccination against Covid-19, since “they barely arrived, we began to vaccinate everyone, even children, so most are vaccinated and it is very rare that they did not want to do it.”

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