Only in Mexico, a woman discovers infidelity and the other escapes in a cardboard box

Facts that only occur in Mexico, it is about a woman who upon arriving home discovers the infidelity of her husband and the other woman escapes in a cardboard box, as unusual as it sounds, the news has become viral once the video was released.

In a recorded video that was shared in the social networks, you can read divided Internet users, who defend the feat of the other, who escapes by covering themselves with a cardboard box and those who are enraged with the atrocity they have committed the unfaithful couple.

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Like someone who poses on the balcony of his house and is dedicated to observing others, this is the user of the internet who shared the images of an infidelity event, where you can witness that a woman comes to your house and begins to shout out and knocking on the door when there was no response from inside.

Between laughs the video that shows the juggling that another dwarf woman did who throws herself from the balcony from the first floor, and like everything Alpha male who does not want things to get more complicated, the neighbors are in charge of receiving the little woman who hangs from the railing.

A group of young people who passed through the place and witnessed the entire act unfaithful, they even helped the supposed lover to come down from the first floor of a white house, before the astonished gaze of the neighbors who, before the screams of the wife, came out to see what was happening in the neighborhood.

In underwear, the woman jumps and is stopped by the young men, who lower her to the floor and she immediately run, while the wife enters the house and looks for someone to goods her husband’s fortnights, but in the absence of testsHe leaves the house and asks everyone where is he?

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The woman who jumped off the balcony, immediately gets into a huge carton box, who happened to be on the side of a post, and then remain motionless for a moment, but upon hearing the enraged screams of the wife, he tries to walk out with the box covering him.

However, he does not count on the wife, who looks around, realizing that the cardboard box moves on its own, so the intercepts and that’s when the little woman runs down the street to get lost in the cars, while the other tries to catch up with her in heels.

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The video turned viral, mainly on Twitter with 10.5 million reproductions, more than 8 thousand hearts, just over 3,000 retweets and 179 comments, from people surprised by what happened, and also, making some memes about the infidelity committed.

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