Only 0.5% of people who contracted coronavirus are admitted to Intensive Care

According to the COVID-19 report published yesterday by the Government of the Province of Salta, 113 people are in intensive care and 48 with mechanical assistance respiratory out of a total of 24,278 positives. The data produced by the Ministry of Public Health show that 0.5% of the cases are admitted to intensive care, while 0.2% require mechanical respiratory assistance.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Health Services, Martín Flores Perazzone, reported that 71% of patients admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICU) are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

The figures show that the number of immunized people who require hospitalization due to serious conditions is low. Vaccines are effective and are a great tool to save lives, “said the official. who urged the population to attend the vaccinations arranged.

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