One year after Maradona’s death: his legacy, the rape complaint and the disputes around him

The November 25, 2020 will be written as one of the most remembered dates in the world of football. That morning the former Argentine player and technical director Diego Armando Maradona passed away, a whole myth in Argentina, Naples and in various corners of the planet.

For many considered the best player in the history of football, beyond his undeniable ability with the ball, the ’10’, since his appearance in Argentinos Juniors and even before in the team of the ‘Cebollitas’, also stood out for extra-football things .

Although it is fundamentally missed most in Argentina and Naples, it is also remembered in various corners of the world. His life gives to write millions of pages and make thousands of documentaries and films. The truth is that even taking only the year since his death, Maradona continued to be news in many parts of the world.

The legacy

After his death, all the clubs in which he was, either as a player or a coach, lamented the death of the idol, as well as thousands of others in which he was not. Footballers from all over the planet paid tribute to him in different ways, Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez among the most prominent.

Various tributes were made throughout Argentina and a massive funeral was held in the Government House, attended by thousands of people. Meanwhile, in Naples there were also emotional days. After his death, the Neapolitan Giorgio Pignalosa told BioBioChile about his devotion to Maradona in southern Italy.

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“A part of Naples has died”, acknowledged. In fact, days after his death, the club announced the change of name to the emblematic San Paolo stadium to Diego Armando Maradona. The Argentine was and will be an institution in Naples.

In fact, in the last one the doctor, journalist and author of the book Diego’s health: the true story, Nelson Castro, revealed that “Maradona is buried without a heart. There was a group of gymnastics brave bars that planned to break in and extract the heart (…) It was detected that this was going to happen, then his heart was extracted, also to study it because his heart was very important in determining the cause of death of Maradona ”.

After his death, many streaming or television networks released documentaries or series about his life. Star Plus, Infobae O Amazon prime are some examples. But the name of Maradona has also made noise in this time for negative things.

Report of violation

While Diego Maradona was in Havana at the beginning of the century for drug rehabilitation, there was talk of a ‘relationship’ he had with a Cuban woman. Mavys alvarez is the name of the woman, who revealed that at that time (year 2000) I was only 16 years old,. In November of this year, the Cuban decided to testify in a case that was opened against Maradona’s environment for human trafficking. She delivered her version as a victim.

In an interview with Infobae, Álvarez recalled the traumatic episodes he lived with the former player at the La Pradera Center. “Maradona covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream, so I wouldn’t say anything and he abused me. My mother came to see me that day at the house where we were in Havana and Diego did not want to open the room door for her. My mom knocked and he didn’t open it. He raped me ”, he lamented through tears.

The native of Havana explains that she decided to speak now because Fidel Castro and Diego Maradona are already dead and that her intention is that this type of thing does not happen again.

She charges that Maradona treated her violently several times while she was in the rehabilitation center. He relates that one day he took Maradona’s cell phone to answer and that it was Claudia Villafañe, the wife of ’10’. “He was asleep. I hand him the cell phone and tell him it’s Claudia, she’s calling you. He tells me: ‘What do you have to do, you have to answer my phone, my cell phone!’ And he grabs the cell phone and throws it against the wall. He starts insulting me, grabs me, throws me against the bed, slaps me and says: ‘Never in your life ever touch my cell phone again! Never!’, threatening to kill me. Well, conclusion, it was violent on many occasions ”.

He also recalls an episode at a disco: “Dancing I hit him without intention. And he got really violent. He pushed me out of the nightclub, put me in the car, drove me home, dragged me up the stairs by the hair. It was hard”.

All these testimonies are also part of the investigation against Maradona’s environment for human trafficking, since Mavys Álvarez entered the country in 2001, when she was a minor, to see the ex-player’s farewell in La Bombonera. She also remembers that on that occasion they wanted to bring her in a box from Havana, but later they asked Fidel Castro for permission to travel. He agreed, despite the fact that Mavys’ parents did not sign any documents, he says.

She explains that she was locked up in a hotel in Buenos Aires for months and had security guards outside her room. In addition, she underwent surgery to increase the size of her breasts against her will, as a minor and without the consent of her parents, complaint.

“He (Diego Maradona) insisted that he would very much like me to have surgery on my breasts, that please, that I would see better, that they would take the care I needed, that everything would be fine (…) The doctor She explains to me that because of the size of my breasts and my skin, they couldn’t fit me the size that Diego really wanted. He wanted them to put something bigger on me, ”he explained.

The human trafficking case is under development in Federal Court No. 10 of Buenos Aires.

The trial for his death: the accused and the inheritance

Hours after the death of Diego Maradona was confirmed a year ago, the darts between the environment of the ex-footballer and his family, represented mainly by Dalma y Gianinna (the daughters that Maradona had with his wife), started side by side with harsh accusations.

Days later all these discussions were brought to trial. Maradona’s autopsy indicated that he died of pulmonary edema secondary to exacerbated chronic heart failure. The Attorney General of San Isidro in Buenos Aires investigated the former player’s relatives for “alleged wrongful death.”

Since May 2021 there are seven people charged with “alleged murder with eventual intent”, for which they risk up to 25 years in prison.

The defendants are the nurses Ricardo Almirón and Dahiana Madrid; the coordinator of nurses Mariano Perroni; the doctor Nancy Forlini; the psychologist Carlos Díaz; the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov and the neurosurgeon and general practitioner Leopoldo Luque.

Regarding his inheritance, everything is not clear yet. Diego Fernando’s lawyer, the youngest son recognized by the ex-footballer, said in the Argentine program Informed of Everything that “he earned a lot of money, but the problem is that he didn’t have it. Until now there is talk of six million dollars between all the accounts ”.

However, he added, “The expense summaries were not submitted, so I don’t know if it was spent or if it was spent or if it is somewhere. Diego doesn’t have it. In Justice there is nothing ”.

Thus, in TN Argentina, state that according to journalist Marcelo Bonelli, there is a sum of 80 million dollars that is handled by Matías Morla, Maradona’s controversial lawyer in the last years of his life. On the tv show yours, revealed that the ’10’ was the owner of accounts and safe deposit boxes in Dubai, Switzerland, Belarus, Italy, Mexico and Argentina.

Within his patrimony there are numerous properties, although they assure that some were given away while he was alive. Others are in the name of his wife Claudia Villafañe.

To this is also added the many gifts that Maradona received throughout his life, ranging from property, jewelry, cars, etc.

This inheritance will be divided between the five legitimate children of Diego Armando Maradona: Diego Fernando, 8 years old; Jana, 24; Dalma (33) and Giannina (31); and the Italian Diego Jr (34).

Matías Morla’s lawyer told EFE in January this year that “the money is available in accounts in Switzerland, Dubai and Mexico ready to be extracted.” Although the case is not yet resolved.

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