One of the largest fintech companies in Argentina is looking for employees: what does it offer

To meet the need to quickly recruit professionals, the Jedi Academy was born, a trend that grows in unicorns

Wow, one of the largest financial technology firms in Argentina, has open vacancies on its official website, many of which are aimed at profiles with experience in technology. The Argentine unicorn founded by Pierpaolo Barbieri plans to continue its expansion and has projected by 2022 to hire approximately 700 professionals from all areas.

To meet the need to quickly recruit professionals, the Jedi Academy, the Ualá boot camp, was born. Boot camps were born as an alternative to university proposals and are a growing trend.

The largest number of vacancies are from the area of Development and Technology, but this growth in the core area of ​​the company also has the need for people in the surrounding areas: Marketing, Legal, Finance and others.

Areas where Ualá is looking for employees


There are 19 open positions aimed at .NET developers, agile technology manager, testing and QA analysts, technical-functional analysts, Android developers, data engineers, data governance manager, DevOps engineer, Data Scientist, iOS Developer, Go Developer, Java Developer, QA Engineer, Web Developer, and more.

According to the Glassdoor platform, a QA engineer in Ualá earns around $ 171,000 per month; a software developer reaches $ 222,000 per month; an analyst is around $ 147,000; and a DevOps engineer surpasses $227.000.


You want to hire BI marketing analysts, creative duo (director and writer), media strategist, alliance analyst, performance leader, and web developer with a focus on marketing. In total, there are six open vacancies in this sector. At fintech, the salary of a marketing analyst ranges from $ 150,000 to $ 165,000, according to Glassdoor


There are six vacancies in this sector and you want to hire financial controls analysts, operational controls analysts, operational support analysts, business associate, financial controls coordinator and transactional support coordinator.


You want to hire five profiles: architects specializing in cloud security; compliance facilitator; engineer specializing in security applications; and regulatory compliance analyst.

Ualá Bis, risk and legal

In these areas there are three open vacancies: the first is financial analystThe second is focused on “collectors”, a person who keeps track of payments; and finally a legal manager.


A total of five vacancies are open and oriented to product and data analysts; UX leader; visual designer; product designer; and product owner. The latter professional makes about $ 335,000 a month, according to the Glassdoor site.


Ualá wants to hire a senior project manager with at least 12 years of experience in similar positions. The requirements are to have strong negotiation and persuasion skills, to be able to lead and manage people not directly subordinate to your team.

Ualá Bis is one of the star launches of fintech.

How to apply to work in Ualá

To apply, you must enter this link and click on the vacancy. Then, you must complete a form and finally you have to select “Submit application” to send the curriculum.

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