One month before the elections, Rodolfo Suarez will speak at the Idea Colloquium

The Colloquium takes place in person at the Centro Costa Salguero complex in the City of Buenos Aires. The motto that accompanies this year’s edition is “Let’s achieve a sustainable Argentina”.

The traditional meeting until 2019 was held in the city of Mar del Plata and last year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was held online.

The president of the colloquium, Paula Altavilla, said that it is aimed at “the meeting having all eyes, from politicians, trade unionists, businessmen and representatives of social organizations, so that together we can seek a path that will take the country out of the stagnation”.


Paula ltavilla, president of the Idea Colloquium.

“New technologies bring destruction and job creation. According to the World Economic Forum there are 58 million net new jobs that are going to be created, and we need to be prepared to have them, with better education and policies that serve everyone in this transition “, added Altavilla

For his part, the head of Idea, Roberto Murchison, said that the country needs “clear macroeconomic rules that encourage investment.”

“But these rules, by themselves, are not going to generate employment,” said Muchison, explaining that “this pandemic revealed that while some sectors fell heavily, such as tourism and gastronomy, others, such as electronic commerce. , they were increasing vertiginously “.

The Idea Colloquium, which last year was held virtually, will once again recover “face to face” in this way, under a protocol that provides for preventive social distancing of the participants.

This Thursday who will open the day will be the Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matías Kulfas and then it will be the turn of Suarez, Gutiérrez and Perotti.

The Idea colloquium can be followed virtually at:

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