Omnilife reaches more than six million affiliates around the world

A drink and two lines of beauty products are the new launches that Amaury and Kenya Vergara presented on the 30th anniversary of the Omnilife company.

In her presentation, Kenya Vergara, general director of the beauty line, unveiled six products divided into two lines made from natural ingredients: red berries and coconut vanilla.

The first includes hand cream, body lotion and a liquid body soap, while the second includes the same, the difference is that the soap is exfoliating.

Jaime di Paulo, first Mexican honored by the US Congress

“This line leaves a special shine on the skin, it is incredible, it has been tested by the Brazilians, by me and it is now available”.

But also the one that, he said, “will transform how you feel, which reflects who we are, the success, what we project, the lifestyle and we put it in a container”: a perfume for women and one for men.

While Amaury presented IQU– A beverage that it rated as “smart with the highest quality of nutrition that no competing company has”.

This is an energy drink that contains PQQ, Q10, Vitamin D3 and green coffee extract flavored with ginger and tangerine.

More and more allies

30 years after its creation, the Omnilife company already has more than six million allies in the 20 countries where they have a presence, among entrepreneurs and their families, who consume the products, said Amaury Vergara, CEO. In Mexico alone, he said, there is a force of more than 500,000 entrepreneurs.

Managing Director. Amaury Vergara mentioned that in the midst of an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Omnilife had growth. A. Navarro

Amaury stressed that, in the midst of an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Omnilife had growth.

“It will transform how it feels, what reflects who we are, the success, what we project, the lifestyle and we put it in a container: a perfume for women and one for men”.

– Kenya Vergara, Seytú director



Seytú changes the image and the life

Kenya Vergara, CEO of Seytú invited those who are part of this cosmetics company to market the products, but also to use them. They are people in different cities and countries who are dedicated to changing lives.

Jorge Vergara Museum for November 2022

The museum that was announced last year to honor the businessman and founder of Omnilife, Jorge Vergara, already has an opening date: November 15, 2022, three years after his death, announced his son Amaury Vergara.

For its construction, he pointed out that the Vergara Zatarain family will finance 60% of the museum, however, they will seek that the affiliates, whom they call entrepreneurs, contribute the rest, which is equivalent to 12 million pesos, in order to be part of the museum .

“The museum is very important to be able to preserve this and much more, we are going to start the work, we are going to put in most of the money, but we are also going to invite them to be part of it. That they can visit the museum every year, bring their children or whoever it is and that they say “I put to build this museum in gratitude to someone who helped me,” Amaury pointed out to those attending the celebration for the 30 years of Omnilife.

And, although he affirmed that they would begin the work until the amount was achieved, he assured that “if we can sooner, then before, but if it does not rain or shine, we will inaugurate it next November 15”.

In addition to the museum, Amaury informed the attendees from Honduras, who have to travel 160 kilometers to the border with Nicaragua to purchase the products, that it will bring distribution closer to the city of Chinandega, closer to them.

This, he said, will be the first step in opening a plant in Honduras.
“We are not only committed, we live the values ​​of the family. We know that we will generate abundance for ourselves if we generate abundance for you. Big changes don’t happen with big things, they come with small details ”.


30 Years ago, Jorge Vergara started the business asking for money to start a company with a single product, while now they have more than two thousand formulas and different products.


They remembered the “man without socks”

As a tribute to his father, Amaury took off his socks and invited attendees to do the same to get rid of what ties and holds them back.


The Informant interviewed Jorge Vergara and remained as a witness to the origins of the founding of the company.

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