Omega Park | The head of a bison stuck in a car

A bison in Omega Park in the Outaouais found its head stuck inside a car for 30 minutes over the weekend. It was while wanting to feed the bovid that one of the passengers lured it into the vehicle.

The animal is fine, tells Press the operations manager of the Omega Charles park in Reinach.

“The visitors involved did not respect our safety instructions and behaved completely irresponsible and unconscious,” he says. Remember that it is forbidden to feed the bison in the animal park.

In a video filmed by a visitor, the bison can be seen struggling to get out of the SUV. An employee came to the site and was able to extricate the large mammal from the vehicle.

The bison, a male, was followed and observed by the animal grooming team on Sunday.

” He is in top form. So fortunately more fear than harm ”, reassures Mr. de Reinach.

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