An older adult was injured after criminals beat her to try to steal her vehicle using the method of lock up in the commune of Vitacura.

At the time of being attacked by the assailants, the woman began to play the horn of your car which caused the neighbors to come out to help her.

The event occurred last night in Joaquín Cerda street, when the 73-year-old woman He arrived in a Honda Accord to look for his granddaughter who was in one of the addresses in the sector.

While she was detained on the public highway, she suffered a confinement by four individuals traveling in a Nissan Tiida.

The subjects threatened her with firearm, which motivated the woman to close the windows of her car which she had open.

However, one of them broke one of the glass and began to hit the victim with the handle of a firearm, for which the woman began to honk her horn for help.

In such a way, the residents of the place went out to the street, which scared off criminals who decided to flee the place without specifying the robbery.

This was reported by Inspector Pedro Peña, from the PDI Criminal Investigation Brigade, a unit that was in charge of investigating the incident.

For the moment there are no detainees and it works by reviewing surveillance cameras to identify the assailants.