Old: "In December I will think about what I want from my life"


The 10 said that its continuity does not depend on the future of the Kily.

Sebastián Suárez Meccia / The Capital

Queries to people very close to Vecchio had the answer that what Emiliano He had just said it was such that, that no word had escaped him or was out of context. What’s more, they trusted that Old He has been evaluating that situation for some time, but that it has to do purely and exclusively with that series of injuries that prevented him from playing so many games.

Old He is already a player with enormous experience and he knows that every word he says will be taken in a special way, essentially because he is one of the maximum referents of the squad. He did not elaborate if it is something that he spoke with Kily González, with whom he said that he chatted “a month ago” to express that the way things were, he could not continue, that he needed to rest and recover from the physical.

The truth is Old He signed the contract renewal in the middle of the year and his new relationship is until December 2023, so beyond a personal matter there is nothing that can influence his future. Not even the continuity of one’s own Kily González, who was the one who went to look for him as soon as he took the reins of the team. “I am an employee of the club and mine does not depend on what happens with the coach. I owe myself to this shirt because, as I always say, Central is above everything and everyone ”.

Vecchio is recovered from the last injury he suffered and feels that he is fully prepared from the physical. In recent days he trained with absolute normality, although his ownership is not guaranteed. It is likely that the Venezuelan will play in that position Michael Covea. Beyond that, what the offensive midfielder made clear is that that “very bad semester” he experienced was due to the string of injuries.


Vecchio suffered three injuries in the current tournament.

Vecchio suffered three injuries in the current tournament.

Is that at the beginning of the preseason he was injured and then had two more injuries. “The last 40 days for me were difficult, I had many consequences from playing to the limit or overstressing the body at times when I didn’t have to. After Banfield on the physical issue I hit rock bottom and used all this time to recover. I’ve been 100 percent for a week. I’m happy because I came back very well and I feel like I was the Emiliano that I went against Táchira, with Bragantino. The coaching staff also see it and I am ready to face what is coming ”.

Why many times did you play without being in full swing? “Because the t-shirt of Central you need a plus ”, he said Old. He added: “This semester was hard for me because I got injured in the middle of the preseason. There were many injuries and in many games I played with a diminished physique, but I felt that the team needed me and at that moment one does not think about oneself but about the team. I do know that at one point I hit rock bottom and chose to think more about myself, understanding that that way I could help more. I don’t regret it because at the time I did what I felt I had to do ”.

No doubt Vecchio wanted to talk about his future and he did. Beyond the contract, the present of the team and even the future of the coach. The injuries that led him to abuse put him in a situation of not knowing what to do. Many believe that none of this will happen and that after December it will continue, as the contract indicates, but just in case he opened the umbrella.

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