Of protector "Monchi Cantero" to lead a narco gang

This led to eleven search warrants, which were completed during the evening of that day. In total they arrested 6 people (including Gitano Miguel) and kidnapped in addition to the ton of marijuana, weapons, ammunition and documentation of interest to the cause. Miguel had been imprisoned in September 2019 when the Division of Counterfeiting and Adulteration of Drugs of the PFA carried out “Operation Bachata”, where the attempt to transfer narcotics from Rosario to CABA was thwarted and 96 kilos of cocaine, counterfeit money and firearms were seized.

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Monchi, for his part, was imprisoned on June 6, 2016 and three days later the then Instruction Judge Alejandra Rodenas, today vice-governor of the province, ordered a series of raids on homes that Machuca had supposedly passed through in exile in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Floresta. Three weeks later it was the turn of Mariano Germán “Gordo” Salomón, also known by the nickname Gitano as a result of his parental bond from his wife. The late Claudio “Pájaro” Cantero and Ramón Machuca’s wife are godparents of a son of Fat Solomon. In April 2018, Monchi and El Gordo went to trial with the hard core of the Cantero clan. The first was sentenced to 37 years in prison and the second 4 years and 6 months.

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June 2016. Ramón “Monchi” Machuca being transferred from CABA to Rosario.

While the trial against Los Monos was taking place at the Criminal Justice Center, Monchi received a visit from the spy and false lawyer Marcelo D’Alessio in the parlor of the mini-prison that the CJP has. The meeting took place by phone with a glass separating the interlocutors. In those days, late 2017 and early 2018, D’Alessio sought to generate information on the complicity of the provincial police with drug trafficking to pay tribute to the then Minister of Security of the Patricia Bullrich Nation. But it was not his only interest. He was also interested in going the Los Monos money laundering route.. A loot that D’Alessio estimated at 50 million dollars. They were two meetings that D’Alessio had with Monchi, whom he presented as “the right hand of the national government on drug trafficking.”, former man of the SIDE (State Intelligence Service, today AFI) and the DEA.

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D’Alessio’s tour of the city was recorded in the report of the Bicameral Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Illegal Espionage Bodies and Activities 2016-2019 (published last April) in which five of the 383 pages of the report are dedicated to him. “The Lord Machuca explained to the Court that D’Alessio had gone to get information from him about the corruption in Rosario. Specifically, he affirms that “(…) he told me that he came with the gap between Macri and Patricia Bullrich, he worked for the DEA and now he was working for the SIDE and for the AFI (…)”. According to your statement, The topics addressed included the causes in which he was involved and, in this context, some possible elements of evidence, the follow-up that D’Alessio carried out on Fabio Miguel (member of a family that allegedly laundered money from Los Monos) ”, was expressed in the voluminous report. “D’Alessio was convinced that the relationship between them was commercial and that the gypsies were laundering the money produced by Los Monos,” he said.

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“Machuca states that D’Alessio’s interest in investigating Fabio Miguel was based on the fact that he handled money for him, he states in this regard that he clarified to D’Alessio that” no one handles money for me “”, was expressed in the report. “Between January 27 and 28, the lists of incoming and outgoing calls from Fabio Miguel, alias« El Gitano », which covered the period from November 16, 2017 to November 26, were managed through the prosecutor (Juan Ignacio) Bidone. January 2018. In turn, the prosecutor was asked for information on the ownership of the two telephone lines that he used and information was obtained about the vehicle that Fabio Miguel was driving and its registration in the AFIP. Specific, Luis Miguel owned at least one car sales agency in CABA, while Fabio Miguel was allegedly dedicated to drug trafficking, according to D’Alessio’s claims. Based on probative elements, such as the conversation between him and a person he refers to as “Carlitos”, the Court was able to prove that illegal intelligence operations were carried out on Fabio Miguel and Nicolás Jancovich, alias “Colita” “, highlights the report from the Commission.

“It is evident that part of the macro-objectives of these illegal criminal intelligence tasks, especially those related to the espionage carried out in Rosario, had to do with exposing the collusion of the local police with drug trafficking to weaken the provincial government. This objective coincides with the interests of the top leaders who were in the National Executive Power at that time, such as the former Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, to whom this information was minimally reported, ”the report stated.

The commission of 14 legislators was chaired by Deputy Leopoldo Raúl Moreau (as president), Senator Juan Carlos Marino (vice president) and Senator Oscar Isidro Parrilli (secretary). D’Alessio was sentenced a month ago by the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 2 of CABA to four years in prison for the extortion attempt to the customs businessman Gabriel Traficante, with the collaboration of a federal prosecutor, Bidone, who received a sentence of three years and eight months in prison; and of two former spies of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), Rolando Barreiro and Claudio Alvarez, sentenced to two years in suspension. The judicial investigation of Ramos Padilla, for illegal espionage, has not yet reached an oral trial.

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