Object of desire from the Gram gallery: the upholstered sofa

Behind this impeccably staged stand, David Boullier-Masolini (photo) and François Brizon. Specialists of the twentieth century, they assume a pronounced inclination for the design of the 50s to the 70s but, working at the heart of their hearts, allow themselves side steps to stage inspiring and relevant universes.

What object do you present to us?

David Boullier-Masolini. The very little edited “Nanjing” sofa, attributed to Jacques Charpentier. It is upholstered in a Kenzo fabric from the late 1970s.

What attracted you to this room?

D. B.-M. Its very present Japanese fabric, its line, its craftsmanship… and its comfort! Falling in love with a sofa is not easy, because it is a big room. But as François and I always reason in terms of sets to build, I knew that this very strong piece would be a fantastic starting point. Moreover, the “Hollywood Regency” atmosphere of the stand, created around the sofa, is the perfect illustration of this.

Doesn’t the fact that this is a very special piece frighten you?

D. B.-M. No, on the contrary, our approach is even to accentuate its singularity by making it coexist with other pieces, in the same style or much more contemporary. This helps the client to project himself.

Do you have trouble separating yourself from certain rooms?

D. B.-M. This is the risk of the profession when you operate on the pulse of the heart. The trick is to immediately place the object on the stand without going through the “home” box, otherwise it is more difficult to separate. Personally, I am obsessed with ceramics, especially those of the American Peter Orlando and the Italians Gambone, father and son. And there, I admit that it is very complicated for me to see their creations leave.

Are there new objects that you may not have been looking at before entering your viewfinder?

D. B.-M. Yes, the tapestry of the 70s, or the furniture of Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne.

How not to make a mistake when buying a part?

D. B.-M. Let yourself be carried away by the emotion, come and come back to the Puces to see things, talk with the merchants to get information and hear the history of the objects.

Paul Bert Market, alley 5, stand 239. Instagram: @ galerie.gram

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