Nvidia Speaks Out on GeForce Now Data Leakage

The leaked data is legitimate, but the company says it hasn’t announced any new PC games

Just yesterday (Monday 13th) we reported here on Adrenaline that it leaked Nvidia’s GeForce Now database showing the listing of several unannounced PC games like God of War, which could indicate his future arrival on Steam eventually. Nvidia responded to the leaks stating that they are legitimate, but not necessarily confirm the existence or port of any games.

One of the biggest highlights of this leak was actually God of War as it is one of the most famous and most prominent PlayStation exclusives, but several other exclusive Sony console games have appeared, such as Final Fantasy 7¬†Remake, Demon’s Souls, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal e Ghost of Tsushima.

Also appeared some titles that are not exclusive to Playstation, like Titanfall3, Street Fighter 6, Resient Evil 4 Remake and even Halo 5, which arrived as an exclusive for Xbox One.

Image: The Verge/Reproduction

Sony has stated several times that intends to expand some of its franchises to PC and documents revealed by Epic’s lawsuit with Apple even show that Epic Games may have offered $200 million to bring its exclusives to the PC. However, there are several games that don’t even exist yet listed on GeForce Now, which has many gamers leery of the information.

In response to everyone’s questions, Nvidia said that the leaks are true, that is, all these games are actually listed in the official GeForce Now database, but that’s not to say that all titles will actually make it to PC. The company told The Verge that this list was used for testing the service and has some titles that are only speculated by Nvidia.

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Nvidia is aware of the list of games published without permission, with released and/or speculative titles, used only for tracking and internal testing. Listing is not a confirmation or announcement of any game.

That answer doesn’t help us much, but it’s clear that Nvidia would confirm a PC port of God of War before Sony if it really exists. It is worth noting that Spider-Man, The Last of Us and Bloodborne exclusives were not listed. Could this indicate that these titles won’t make it to the PC? Or at least not soon? We still have no way of knowing.

Finally, it is important to highlight that the God of War listing seemed much more concrete than in other games, as it had detailed descriptions of the game, as well as a customized interface even with gameplay captures (probably from the PlayStation version). In contrast, other Sony games just had their name listed, like Ghost of Tsushima. Look:

Image: IGHOR

Pavel Djundik has released the full list of games featured in this GeForce Now leak on this GitHub page here.


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Via: Eurogamer Source: The Verge

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